Activated Carbon and HVAC Filters

Replacement pre, main, HEPA and carbon filters for a wide range of HVAC applications as well as fume cabinets from the following manufacturers:

Air Science™ | Astecair™ | ESCO™ | Misonix™ | Labcaire™ | Semper™ | Erlab™
Safelab™ | Bigneat™ | Gelair™ | GVS Nailstation™

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The GVS Filter Store supply replacement HVAC, HEPA and Carbon Filters for HVAC applications as well as re-circulatory (Ductless) Filtration Fume Cabinets, Fume Cupboards, Fume Hoods, Storage Cupboards and other clean air applications. The Carbon Filter Store is part of GVS Group and operates to ISO9001:2008 quality systems.
All our HEPA filters are tested to EN1822-1:1998.

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Typical lead time from order to despatch is currently 10-15 working days.

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